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Nathan Pacheco and David Archuleta Christmas Tour


Photo Credit: Nathan Pacheco

 Nathan Pacheco and David Archuleta will be going out on a Christmas Tour together starting November 25th.



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Daniel de los Reyes & DayGLOW Music Education

A message from Daniel de los Reyes

So important to share. Part of our mission at DayGlow Music to demonstrate diversity and integration using rhythms and percussion instruments. It has been part of my life since early childhood. First of all being blessed with being born in this incredible country of ours (the USA) full of diversity and then diving in music and percussions at that from all over the world. I have been helping to integrate styles, instruments and rhythms my whole life.

It’s a beautiful thang.

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Master Class”Special” – Illustrating the Creative Process by Yanni

Yanni gives you some insights on how he creates music. You can’t judge it, you can’t observe it, you have to let the music come to you, surrender to it, let it flow through you, become one with it. The creative process is a state of mind. Athletes call it the zone.


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