Grammy Award Winning Musician Daniel de los Reyes Bringing Music Camp to Life

15 May
Daniel de los Reyes- DayGlow Music Camp
Photo Credit-Daniel de los Reyes
Grammy Award Winning Musician Daniel de los Reyes Bringing Music Camp to Life
“Where are these Rhythm Trails leading to that you’ve heard me talking about for the past few months?  I am very excited to tell you about my DayGLOW Music Camp™. It is my dream come true. 
DayGLOW Music Camp™ is a a self-contained, independent, educational, youth development facility. It is my heartfelt desire in life to affect our youth in a positive and helpful way.  
I would like to thank Caterpillar and Home Depot along with all of the other companies and friends who are integrally involved in the early stages of the camp’s development. 
Their contribution is helping to bring my dream of the DayGLOW Music Camp™ one step closer to life. Although great progress has taken place to date, there is still much work to be done to bring the camp to fruition.”

“I look forward to sharing our progress with you in the coming months and as always, I appreciate your continued support and encouragement.” 

Daniel de los Reyes

Please visit Daniel de los Reyes’s websites for continued updates on this exciting project


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