Bradley Joseph-Music Composer

24 Nov


Bradley Joseph is a musician that has toured with Yanni.

He is a featured keyboardist in the Live At The Acropolis DVD and toured with Yanni during the Ethnicity 2003 World Tour.

Bradley has been very busy creating his own music. Below is a list of his CDs, if you would like to listen to some of the selections got to:

Solo Journey

Eleven original piano pieces designed for relaxing, reflecting, and healing

The Journey Continues

Soft piano to calm, compose and renew

Piano Love Songs

Soft classic love songs performed on the piano

Suites and Sweets

Relaxing classical music on the piano

One Deep Breath

Moods, Memories, Dreams


Intimate piano pieces, quartets and full orchestrations, this CD sounds lush and romantic

For The Love Of It

Piano with soft rhythms and orchestrations

Hear The Masses

An upbeat and energetic CD

Classic Christmas

Christmas classics performed on the piano

Christmas Around The World

Unique Christmas songs that are famous in countries around the world and arranged by Bradley

Hymns & Spiritual Songs

Inspirational songs performed on the piano with soft orchestra

Pet Series – CDs and DVDs

Relaxing video and soothing sounds for your pets


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