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“Forever With You” by Leslie Mills/Yanni

This video is simply beautiful and touching.

Yanni’s parents are shown in this video and the music, Felitsa is from Live at the Acropolis.

Leslie Mills wrote the lyrics along with Yanni and also sung them.


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Ender Thomas (Yanni Voices) In Guadalajara, Mexico

Ender Thomas

Ender Thomas on tour with Yanni in Mexico takes you

behind the scenes on their next tour stop

Guadalajara, Mexico.



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Yanni, Chloe And Nathan Recorded Their Version Of The Christmas Classic – O’Holy Night

  Yanni Voices


Yanni, Chloe and Nathan have recorded their version of the Christmas classic – O’Holy Night.

It’s available for purchase now on iTunes.

Just open your iTunes software and go to the iTunes store page.

In the search type Nathan Pacheco and you should see it in the search results.

 It is also available at…id=1257022918&sr=8-1


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Ender Thomas Takes You Behind The Scenes

Ender Thomas-Yanni Voices

 Ender Thomas is on tour with Yanni in Mexico.

Follow Ender as he takes you behind the scenes while on tour.

Enjoy the wonderful video Ender has put together as he gives you a back stage pass and a personal glimpse of what goes on during the tour.


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Check Out The Yanni Voices Fall Tour Diary 2009



Yanni Voices

 Yanni Voices has just started their tour in Mexico and if you would like to follow along and get updates as they make their way to the different cities then visit this link:  


Tour Schedule

Auditorio Siglo XXI

Arena Monterrey


Auditorio TELMEX

Mexico City
Auditorio Nacional



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Yanni Voices Live in Concert DVD

Yanni Voices Live DVD

Yanni Voices Live in Concert DVD

This spectacular video was filmed in November, 2008 at the Forum in Acapulco, Mexico.

It features performances by Yanni, Ender Thomas, Nathan Pacheco, Chloe and Leslie Mills, incredible guest vocalists and perfomances in addition to Yanni’s magnificent orchestra.

The DVD will be released on October 27, 2009.

The DVD may be pre-ordered now at:


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Interview from Mexico-Nathan Pacheco & Chloe-Yanni Voices Tour

Nathan Pacheco and Chloe are shown here doing an interview in Mexico.

They are getting ready for the Yanni Voices Tour through Mexico for the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Chloe & Nathan-Yanni Voices

Check out the Video


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