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Yanni Announces New Dates In Mexico Tour

(Press Release)

• Buoyed by recent success, Yanni has added two additional dates to his 2009 Mexico tour – Guadalajara on October 17 and Mexico City on October 21, tickets on sale for these new dates September 19.

• The “Yanni: Live in Concert” show is in Puebla, León, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City from October 11 to 21.

• The show is considered by entertainment industry experts as one of the best shows ever presented in Mexico.

MEXICO CITY – SEPTEMBER 18, 2009 – In response to the fast pace of ticket sales, the promoter of “Yanni: Live in Concert” in Mexico, Freestyle Emotional Marketing, has announced additional dates for the performer’s upcoming five-city tour. The new shows will take place in Guadalajara on October 17 and in Mexico City on October 21.

“Yanni: Live in Concert” features 24 songs, each with its own light and video show to go along with performances of the classic songs that have garnered Yanni worldwide acclaim in Latin pop, opera and rock and roll music. Yanni is accompanied on-stage by four young and talented singers: Nathan Pacheco, Ender Thomas, Leslie Mills and Chloe. For the Mexico City concerts, three Latin music superstars, Lucero, José José and Christian Castro, will also perform in the show.

According to fans and experts in the entertainment and media industries, the “Yanni: Live in Concert” tour is one of the best shows ever presented in Mexico. The concert’s inspiration, the “Yanni Voices” show, has been nominated for a 2009 Lunas del Auditorio Award.

About “Yanni: Live in Concert”

Puebla Auditorio Siglo XXI 10/11/09
Monterrrey Arena Monterrey 10/13/09

León Poliforum 10/15/09

Guadalajara Auditorio TELMEX 10/16/09

Mexico City Auditorio Nacional 10/19/09

For more information, visit (for shows in Mexico City and Guadalajara), (for shows in Puebla and Monterrey) or (for the concert in Léon).


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Nathan Pacheco and the Grammy Foundation

Nathan Pacheco

Nathan Pacheco and the Grammy Foundation

Nathan has been busy in Los Angeles at a Grammy Foundation press conference.

Check out this brief news story at

And if you check here, there are even more pictures of Nathan.…es&q0=nathan+pacheco


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“Yanni: Live In Concert,” Mexico Tour!

After just having completed a 50 city tour in the United States and Canada, Yanni returns to Mexico for a nationwide tour, from October 11-20, 2009.
Yanni will be accompanied by four young, talented prodigies, “The Voices.” Nathan Pacheco, Chloe, Ender Thomas and Leslie Mills will give a new life to some of Yanni’s classical compositions with voices that will leave the audience awestruck. 

In Mexico City, they will be joined by special guests José José, Lucero and Cristian Castro.

“This is the best show that I have ever toured with, and I can’t wait to share it with the great music fans of Mexico”, says Yanni.

He is scheduled to perform in Puebla, Monterrey, León, Guadalajara and Mexico City from October 11 -20, 2009.

Please visit for ticket information.


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Wanna Be A Part of Yanni Voices Street Team?


Yanni Voices Street Team

Come join the fun and help promote Yanni Voices by signing up as a Yanni Voices Street Team Member.

It’s a great way to meet new people and you will have fun creating blogs, social network sites and getting the word out about Yanni’s projects.

Click on the link to sign up , it’s free and maybe you will be the next Yanni Street Team All-Star.

Want to talk to other fans about Yanni’s music? Then come join us at the following message boards.



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Yanni To Tour Mexico in October

Yanni Voices

The Yanni Voices Tour is coming to Mexico in October.

Here is a listing of the venues & dates

Puebla Auditoria Siglo XXI 10/11/09
León Poliforum 10/15/09
Guadalajara Auditorio TELEMEX 10/16/09
Mexico City Auditorio Nacional 10/19/09
Mexico City Auditorio Nacional 10/20/09

For more detailed information go to




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Leslie Mills-KGRL.FM’s Flower-Powered Artist – September 2009

Leslie Mills

Leslie Mills fresh off a tour with Yanni has been named radio station KGRL.FM’s Flower-Powered Artist-September 2009.

She is a singer-songwriter based out of Nashville and has written songs for Film, TV & other Music Artists. Leslie just released a CD   “Falling Off The World” and is available at CDBaby, Amazon & iTunes.

KGRL.FM did a really nice feature on Leslie, Please check it out, there you will find photos, an interview and a sampling of Leslie’s music.

Leslie has her own website and be sure to also check out for updates on Leslie’s projects with Yanni.


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