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Yanni in Concert Dec 16th & 17th~Historic Castillo Del Morro

Yanni announced today that he will be performing at the historic Castillo Del Morro in

Puerto Rico on December 16 & 17th 2011.

The concert will be video taped and a DVD will be released in 2012.

El Morro Fort, or officially Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, stands guard at the entrance to San Juan harbor as a reminder of a by-gone era when invading countries would attempt sea attacks to take this prized city and harbor.

This beautiful 6-level fort was named in honor of  Spain’s King Philip II. The Fort wasn’t initially built as the huge structure that you see today. It has gone through many enlargements and modifications, from the time it was first constructed by Spain through the time that it was occupied by the US Army.

Stay up to date by visiting


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Yanni To Perform In Dubai

Yanni has just added another stop on his world tour, Dubai.

The concert will take place at:

Burj Park, Downtown Dubai

Location: Dubai, AE

Date: 10/28/2011

Please visit for more information when tickets will be available.


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A Special Message from Yanni to the Fans

A Special Message from Yanni to the Fans

“We have been getting our new show ready for our upcoming world tour. I have learned so much from the many countries and cultures that I have been introduced to over the years.

I am looking forward to re-visiting many old friends and equally looking forward to coming in contact with new cultures, visiting new places and learning more about our world. I consider it a great pleasure and my obligation to share what I learn with all of you.”

-Love Yanni

Photo by KathyChicago (Milwaukee Concert-2011)


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The Excitement Is Building……..

The excitement is building!

Visit the Yanni Community  at and also the message board at  for continued updates as Yanni and musicians travel overseas soon. Quite a few of the musicians take photos and videos along the way and share them with the fans.

Yanni Live: The Concert Event was a blast in Vegas. Great Memories!


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Daniel de los Reyes, Al Velasquez and Gilberto Gonzalez performed with Jon Francis at an outdoor venue in Santa Barbara recently.

Danny has perform with numerous(too many to count) music artists including Yanni and Benise.

Al Velasquez and Gilberto Gonzalez have performed a number of times with Benise.


Great music!


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Chloe Lowery Singing Secret

Chloe Lowery who has performed with Yanni and Trans Siberian Orchestra sings one of her songs from Yanni’s Truth Of Touch CD.

Available in stores and online.


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More Tour Dates Announced At

Yanni has just announced more tour dates.

Yanni along with his musicians, will be traveling to China.

Some of the cities Yanni will be performing in are Beijing, Shanghai,Guangzhou & Chengdu.

Tour dates and ticket information can be found at  under Tours & Events.


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Experience Yanni’s Music LIVE

Experience Yanni’s Music Live

The sounds, the colors, the visual

If you love instrumental music you are in for a treat. If you have never seen Yanni in concert, just go once and you will be hooked.

I’ve spoken to audience members that have gone to Yanni Concerts for the first time and they walk out of the concert saying that they loved it and were really surprised.

Keep checking for continued tour updates


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Yanni ~Composer-Ric Wake~Producer

After a very successful tour this past spring in the United States,

Yanni & Ric Wake continue their collaboration on an overseas tour starting in September and who knows maybe they will tour the United States again.

You’ll have to keep checking for additional tour dates.


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Join Yanni’s Street Team

Want to have some fun with other fans who love Yanni’s music and get the word out about Yanni’s upcoming Tour, his new CD “Truth Of Touch and upcoming projects?

Sign up to be on the street team. If you have presence on the internet, this may just be right for you.  When you join Yanni’s Street Team, you will be given exclusive information and content so that you can share the information on your blogs, community networks, various fan pages and around your community.$streetteam$default.aspx&st=1


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